Mike MarinaroWelcome to my 60s Flashback website. A nostalgic visit back to the 1960s; a simpler time, where all that mattered was peace and love. Enjoy your stay here and please check back often for updates.

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My Name is Mike Marinaro and I survived the 60s; however, many of my friends did not! This site is dedicated to those who lived live to its fullest but were casualties of the 60s.

Calling All Writers
I plan on having a section on this site for articles, essays and short stories about the 60s. I can offer no pay for your submissions but anything you would like to submit would be greatly appreciated and of course I will include your bio and link to your website if provided. Email me your submissions.


About the Peace Symbol
The Peace Symbol was originally designed for the British nuclear disarmament movement and later adopted by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. The symbol represents the semaphore letters “N” and “D”, standing for Nuclear Disarmament.

Click Here to see full  Wikipedia  detailed explanation.

Peace-Love an original design by Mike Marinaro

A good friend of mine has a cute little Volkswagon convertible (it’s not from the 60’s,  it’s actually a 1981 VW); however, she has painted peace symbols all over it! I just had to post the picture of her car here since it was such a big fad in the 60s to paint flowers and peace symbols on VWs.




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