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My Name is Mike Marinaro and I survived the 60s; however, many of my friends did not! This site is dedicated to those who lived live to its fullest but were casualties of the 60s.

Calling All Writers
I plan on having a section on this site for articles, essays and short stories about the 60s. I can offer no pay for your submissions but anything you would like to submit would be greatly appreciated and of course I will include your bio and link to your website if provided. Email me your submissions.


Memorable Concerts of the 60s:

All of the concerts I attended in the 60s were awesome! Those were the days before the large arena concerts. Most of them were small venues and very loud! All were memorable although some were hard to remember because of the condition my condition was in during the concert!

santanaOne concert that stands out in my mind was in the late 60s or maybe even early 70s at the Palace Theater in Waterbury, CT. We went to see Santana and I was worried about being searched by the police as we entered the theater, they just might find something illegal in my pockets! However, my fears were unfounded, although they were searching people it was pretty much impossible to search me. As soon as the doors opened the crowd was so huge I was lifted off my feet and carried through the doors amidst a massive sea of bodies! Found a seat and was able to enjoy the contents of the contraband in my pockets with no problem.

Santana was great. We recently saw him again a couple of years ago in Raleigh, NC in a huge outdoor amphitheater and he is still great! Hasn’t changed much at all. The experience was better in the 60s because of the smaller venue but the man can still put on an awesome concert! This time I was completely straight for the show as I long ago gave up those vices from the 60s but I still enjoyed the music and the show!







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